6 Best IPTV Players On The Block

Are you someone who has just recently discovered the beauty and magic of using IPTV services on your android device? Are you in the phase wherein you have been trying to figure out which are the absolutely amazing IPTV and m3u apps for you to start watching IPTV with? 


IPTV players are pretty much like the TV channels that you have to subscribe to if you want to watch the content. While there are hundreds and thousands of IPTV players available out there for Android devices, we are of the view that no one should compromise when you can get your hands on the best. In this blogpost, we shall be talking about the ten best android TV apps on the block that are sure to make your online streaming experience as delightful as it can be. 


1. VLC Media Player

Nope, we are not going to keep the best option for the last. Let us get to the point straight away — VLC Media Player is the smartest and the most trending IPTV app for windows. There are lots of reasons why this app is number 1 — it has a user-friendly interface, installing VLC Media Player is a child’s play, it has the ability to support various formats, is simple to navigate, etc. For the first time IPTV users, this app acts as a universal player by supporting all kinds of compressed video and audio file formats. 


VLC Player can live stream content over computer networks, which makes it fit for transcoding multiple files at the same time. Apart from playing the content from CDs and DVDs, VLC Media Player can also playback encrypted DVDs because of the inbuilt DVD decryption tool present in the library. So yes, VLC comes with a wide range of encoding and decoding libraries.


2. Kodi

If we are to talk about the best IPTV players, we can not miss out on mentioning the Kodi IPTV app. With the help of this app installed on your windows, you can easily manage all your local media files without much effort. Apart from being your entertainment buddy, the Kodi app will make sure that you get access to watching all your preferred digital channels and Video on Demand while you sit back and relax.


Kodi is not just all about letting you view all the live channels and videos on demand — there is plenty of add on features available. If this makes you feel a little uncomfortable and you cannot help but think about whether adding add ons to this app is legal or not, let us clarify it right away — it is not legal. We highly suggest that before you start adding add ons to your Kodi, make sure to check the legal status of the same. In addition to that, it is easy to use Kodi; all you need to do is open the app and click on the TV or radio button to add the URL that you have been provided by the IPTV service provider and binge-watch your favorite shows and movies.

3. Simple TV

Just as the name suggests, Simple TV is ideal for the people who are on a lookout for simple stuff! In 2020, this one is undeniably the best IPTV player for Windows not just because it is free of cost but also because you do not need to be a tech wizard to watch digital content with this absolutely convenient IPTV player. You will have to let go of the torrent tech because sadly, Simple TV does not support that format but hey, you can groove to the songs and melodies thanks to the radio channels it streams. 


You will not have to indulge in any complicated processes to download Simple TV and once it is downloaded, the clear, no-nonsense user interface (which will, by the way, let you customize and organize TV channels as per your convenience) will floor you. Why are we stressing on the simple user interface here? That is because it will not leave any data in your personal computer even after you have deleted items — which otherwise keep the device memory occupied. 


And the above-mentioned features are not just all! Yes, there is more to the awesomeness of Simple TV. You can customize the screen by adjusting the contrast and brightness of every single channel along with more exciting features like play multiple files, the cropping feature in the video stream, live recording, the facility to take a snapshot and so on!


4. Perfect Player IPTV

Need more platform compatibility? Allow us to recommend the Perfect Player IPTV. What is so perfect about the Perfect Player IPTV? It has an m3u playlist player and comes loaded with delightful features. There is a lot of stuff that you can do with Perfect Player which further assures us that it will make even the pickiest of the users happy.


Unlike all the other apps that we have talked about, this one is compatible not just with TV boxes but smartphones, tablets and other devices as well. You can use this player even on your personal computer. 


If you have a movie or a drama series on your external storage device such as USB or maybe on SD card, Perfect Player will let you watch them. Quite a cool feature, right? You can use this wonderful IPTV platform while sitting on your couch, while you are in the bed and browsing your tablet, or just on the move.


The picture resolution does not matter when it comes to this particular champ. The on-screen display will correctly scale any resolution — despite the fact whether you have a 720-pixel monitor or an ultra HD 4K TV screen. Further, this app is endowed with some of the most stunning menus you will ever come across on IPTV platforms. 


This versatile app will let you connect to an IPTV data server so that you can explore playlists, EPGs (Electronic Program guide) and much more. And controlling the Perfect Player is not a problem at all. You could use a keyboard, a PC mouse and even a traditional TV remote control to browse channels. 


If you want to know more specifications about the Perfect Player IPTV app, you should go on and try it out yourself. Trust us, it will not disappoint you.


5. SOPlayer

This is a top of the line player that offers a platform most similar to cable and satellite tv. The load speed and overall quality of player is very hard to compare with other players. Definitely a top tier player! Offers ad free viewing and works with everything except Roku devices.

6. IPTV Extreme

This one is one hell of a beast! With boatloads of awe inspiring features to its credit, IPTV Extreme is the perfect pick for someone who loves a customized and tailor-made TV viewing experience. Compatible with Android smartphones and Android TV boxes alike, IPTV is free to use but the ads that appear in between are sure to annoy you. To put it aside, IPTV Extreme has a Pro version available which does not have any ads and can be easily acquired on the basis of a one-time payment of a mere $0.99. 


Coming to the impressive features, IPTV Extreme supports Chromecast which means that you can project the screen of your smartphone on to your big smart TV. The EPG TV guide can be put on auto-update so you can be sure to have an up to date schedule. If you have kids at home and have been exercising parental control, you can continue doing so by choosing the IPTV Extreme app. 


And hey, let us admit that sometimes we miss out on watching the TV show we have eagerly been waiting for. Sad, we know! But guess what, IPTV Extreme lets you set a small alarm memo which will alert you whenever the show you have been looking forward to is to be broadcasted. 


The navigation on the IPTV Extreme app is smooth and easy to read. If you want, you can customize the look of the app by picking a background theme from 10 different options. This way you can jazz up the app instead of making it look boring and sad with the same color combination at all times.

Final thoughts

This is a list of the best IPTV players that can be easily run on Windows and smart TVs. With unique and exciting features and functionalities of each app, you can choose whichever fits your requirements the best. Most of the apps that we have

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