Is The TV On The Internet Still Cheaper Than Cable TV?

Shell out over $100 a month and you can view the old fashioned cable Tv with every channel (along with the ones you do not watch – ever) bundled together. Sigh!


But hang on! Despite the fact that Hulu and Netflix hiked their prices some time ago, they are still cheaper than paying for cable. 


Are you looking for ways to replicate the satellite TV or cable experience with an online equivalent? If so, this is just what you need to read because we have found a super easy and cheap way for you to watch live streaming at really affordable rates. There are various stand-alone streaming TV services that are famously known as skinny bundles that look and feel almost like a basic cable package but offer the same standard channels. But do you realize that most of these channels you subscribe to are not really the ones that you watch and you are just, er, paying for them. 


Despite the fact that the cost of live streaming has been inching upwards and the streaming services are becoming all the more competitive with each other, they are still cheaper than cable TV. Do not believe us? Let us explain what services can you avail by spending $100.


An Internet Connection: $45 – $50 a month

The first and foremost requirement for streaming a video, you need to have a stable internet connection until and unless you have been stealing internet services from Pizza Hut across the street! A basic internet package costs about $45 per month depending on location and the prices surge from there which basically implies that you need something over $50 per month to get streaming services running.


Netflix: Starting at $9 a month

We are pretty sure that you have heard Netflix and chill and also been one of those to do so. And, why not? With the basic package starting at just $9 per month, and the standard package costing $13 a month, everybody would love to subscribe to this OG streaming service. What makes Netflix a crowd-puller is the fact that it has a lot of original stuff but at the same time, companies like Disney have moved away from its platform making it not as much loved destination as it used to be. 


Hulu: Starting at $5.99 a month 

The cheapest streaming services on the market, the basic package on Hulu starts at just $5.99 per month. But that is with commercials! Hulu Premium costs you $11.99 a month and lets you stream the majority of Hulu’s on-demand content ad free. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds because Hulu showcases all the shows that are currently on the air on regular channels which gives you all the more reason to cut the cord, right?


HBO — $14.99 a month 

Everybody wants to stay on top of what is happening on Insecure and that means that you will need HBO to stream on your device. HBO NOW is one such streaming option that does not make it necessary for you to have a TV package and it costs just $14.99 a month. If you want, you can also get HBO as an add on service to your Hulu subscription amounting to the same cost — $14.99 a month. 


Amazon Prime Video: $12.99 a month

There is much more to Amazon Prime than just free shipping, just kidding! For watching Dead Like Me, Good Omens and Comrade Detective, you need Amazon Prime Video. Starting at just  $12.99 a month, the Amazon Prime Video’s library has expanded quite a lot after it started streaming movies and TV shows to Prime members for free to its members years ago. The extra perk? You will also get two-day delivery on almost everything you buy on Amazon. It is a win-win!


Final verdict

In 2020, a streaming budget still comes gets covered well within what a typical cable would cost you which is not bad when compared to an average $100 cable bill that most often includes the internet connection bill as well. 


With tens of streaming services to choose from, the viewers are getting a lot of power to choose what they want to see and what they do not. Streaming services have already reached a point wherein it is not really much of a deal. The cord-cutters will have to think and choose whether they want to keep the costs significantly lower than what they have been paying for cable.

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