Stop The Suffering Due to Buffering: 5 Tips to End Your Live Stream Woes

Guess the most annoying story ever? 

The times when you are all comfy, watching your favorite movie, the TV show that has been the talk of the town for a while, fun and goofy vacation videos or perhaps a simple music video but the clips refuse to stream properly! 

Relatable much? Video buffering while you are trying to stream video is not just plain annoying but it can also put you out. If you follow these cool tips and tricks, you will not have to deal with buffering any more.



  • Check the number of devices connected to the wi-fi at once


Do you have doorbells, connected cameras, smart assistants, tablets or smartwatches connected to the same wi-fi connection? There you go! With tons of everyday objects getting internet connectivity to upgrade each day, anyone can easily overlook the number of devices connected to the internet which results in video buffering. 



  • Reduce the quality of the video


While it is obvious that everyone wants to watch videos in HD quality at full 1080p glory, you will probably not be able to make out much difference in 720 pixels as compared to 1080 pixels if you have a monitor under 24 inches. When you lower the quality of the video, you put less strain on your internet connection to pull in the data which implies that your video will stop and strutter much less!



  • Turn off hardware acceleration in Flash and browser


In case you have really slow hardware, chances are that it may be wrecking the display of the video. This option can only give improvements if you have a low performance computer or video card. The solution? Try right clicking within the video i.e Flash and you will get an option to turn off the hardware acceleration. You can find similar settings in the advanced settings section of the web browser you are using which can further help with buffering issues.



  • Update Flash, Browser, and video card driver


We are sure that you have visited a few sites that have asked you to install or activate Adobe Flash Player because it is the main driving force behind streaming videos. Remember to check whether you have the latest version of FlashPlayer download as the External Link for your web browser. While HTML 5 is turning into the primary browser video solution for most sites, check if you are using the latest version of your web browser and consider setting it on auto update (if it is not set that way, already)



  • Fix WiFi Buffering – Streaming Video over Wireless


Need a better video streaming performance? Switch from the directly wired connection to WiFi and feel the difference. Of course, there can be times when the location can cause hindrance. While using a wireless connection, try to place the streaming device as close to the wireless signal source as possible because floors, walla and other objects can reduce the signal strength significantly. 


Got another cool tip to help stop the suffering due to buffering? Feel free to share it with us!

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