Why Should You Use VPN Connection For IPTV?

Over the years, cord cutters have been on the rise and installing VPN has become common among the people who wish to stream their most loved content on their device. The reason why you may want to use VPN connection is because you do not want to miss out on the hottest show being aired while you are travelling abroad, or maybe you want to watch sports events that are not being broadcasted where you live or perhaps you have been looking for that extra security for your email provided by the encrypted connections.


While there are plenty of reasons why you will want to seek the best streaming VPN for yourself,  it would also let you get through the restrictions and easily watch the geo blocked content. It will include stuff like a brilliant show that may not be available on the US Netflix or perhaps streaming the BBC news why not physically present in the United Kingdom.


Now, you cannot really rely on any VPN easily! You will have to work it out a bit to settle for nothing but the best. But hey, do not worry because in this blog post we have made a list of the best VPNs out there for you to use and stream your favourite TV shows, movies and other content without facing any problem.


Live streaming services can vary from place to place – some may be globally available but be differentiated according to the norms of a particular region or they may be limited to a specific area. Take for example, Netflix is available in a lot of countries but in the United States of America, Netflix has an expansive catalogue. Similarly, BBC iPlayer is only available in the United Kingdom. So if you do not live in the United States, you will not be able to browse through the vast catalogue of Netflix us and in the same way if you do not live in the United Kingdom you will not be able to access the BBC iPlayer.

ISP throttling

If you want to watch your favourite TV shows and movies without having to wait for them to buffer, you will need a high speed internet to watch the content in high definition. Cable services are also provided by ISP which do not really like competing from the online streaming services.  There is not much chance that they will not block the service, but they may throttle their own traffic. Obviously, you will experience frustrating streaming experience all because of slow speed, buffering screens and low quality. 

Privacy and security

Whatever you do on the internet, everything keeps getting stored in the logs of the ISPs. That is right! The ISPs keep a check of everything you do. But since the ISPs can actually help the law enforcement agencies to track you, you might just be dealing with serious copyright infringement charges. 


When you use a VPN connection, you do not really have to worry about any of these issues. The strong encryptions of a secure VPN connection will provide the security you need and you shall find yourself away from the prying eyes.  And there is a good news for you — ISP won’t throttle your internet speeds. VPNs are based on global servers that assign you a virtual IP address as per the server location you wish to choose. If you select a server in the USA, you will get the IP address based in the USA and so you will be able to browse through and enjoy the unending catalogue of Netflix there. So you can bid adieu to the geo restrictions!

Best Free VPN for Android TV Box

By now you know all the benefits of having a VPN server to support the binge watcher in you! Next, we would love to share the research we did to find the best VPN for your android TV box that is easy to understand and use.

Proton VPN

Despite the fact that Proton VPN was found in Switzerland recently, this is definitely one of the best free VPN for android TV boxes. Switzerland has some of the most stringent laws and policies, which is good because the users are able to trust this VPN with their data better. There are two kinds of plans Proton has to offer – free and unpaid. The free plan is free of ads, provides you unlimited data or speed, lets you access your account in 3 countries at the most and most of all, it does not log your online activity. 


If you choose to upgrade to the ProtonVPN Plus paid plan, you can enjoy P2P support, access to 31 countries, protection in upto 5 devices and secure core services.  

Windscribe VPN

Yet another amazing VPN available out there, Windscribe has a delightful free plan powered by 2 GB internet data cap which can be conveniently extended to 10 GB if a user registers themselves with their email ID and confirms. This beast supports P2P traffic, runs without showing any ads and has a speed of about 30 mbps. The only negative point here is that this VPN provides access to only 10 servers. 

Hide.me VPN

Next on the list of top VPN to consider for your android TV box is Hide.me VPN. The free version supports P2P traffic, has a kill switch, lets you enjoy 2 GB data each month (and yes, it is capped), does not log the activity of the users, provides you Wi-Fi protection and gives you access to three different server locations. The only drawback here is that the speed is capped.



None of the VPNs protect your privacy and support your online security like IPVanish does. Being the best of the best in the world of VPN services, this one has a seriously strict zero logs policy that ensures that no traces of your activity are left when you browse the internet. Sounds fun, right? It is! Your information can not be passed on to any third party because it does not exist in the first place.


The strong 256-bit AES military-grade encryption, the quality and wide range of servers present in over 60 locations all over the world keep you going smoothly. The efficiency of IPVanish is such that it is 5 times faster in smaller distances and lets you download stuff at about 15% faster rate on long links distance from its direct competitors. You can connect up to 10 different devices at the same time without having to worry about your privacy and security regardless of the operating system and the equipment being put to use. Lastly, if you feel dissatisfied after using the services of IPVanish, they will refund your money thanks to their 7-day money-back guarantee policy.


Protect all your online activities with NordVPN and attract the P2P traffic. With a widespread network of more than 5000 global servers in 62 countries, the smart play technology lets NordVPN provide its users with an extremely safe streaming experience without any buffering worries, throttling and fast speeds.


Your privacy and security are in safe hands when you use NordVPN because the folks here use military-grade encryption; AES 256 bit, and it has a strict no-log policy. On the other hand, NordVPN has some more security features to keep your internet connection from getting attacked and loaded with malware. 

Wrapping it up

Wanting to watch streaming content does not mean that you have to compromise on your data privacy by any means. If you want to watch the digital content even while you are not in your own country, VPN can easily let you watch your fav shows, movies and stay updated. 


We hope that our list of the best VPNs for android TV box was clarifying and useful for you. No matter which option you choose, always remember to protect your personal information at every stage.  

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